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3 Tips for Managing Customer Experience and Expectations in the Future of Commerce

Corie McHugh
November 08, 2018

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Adapted advice from the CxOTalk podcast.

When discussing the future of commerce, Michael Krigsman of CxOTalk speaks with two top-tier experts, Katrina Gosek senior director of digital customer strategy at Oracle, and Scott Silverman, principal at Scott Silverman Associates, about managing customer experiences and expectations. Commerce isn’t just commerce anymore, according to Gosek, “It’s an entire ecosystem of interactions, emotions with your customer. It’s a lot more than just a shopping cart.” As customers and their expectations are changing in today’s world, it is important to create frictionless, fast service. Here are three tips for managing customer experiences and expectations in the future of commerce:

Hold the customer’s attention

Customer expectations are changing and becoming more impatient, especially around fulfillment and delivery. With Amazon offering products that are available in a same day delivery, it fuels a sense that everything has to be right now all the time. Customers hold a lot of power with the ability to go from your site to your competitor’s site quickly and easily. The key is to keep their attention when customers have such a variety of choices and make payments, shipping, and finding the information easy.

Create and keep a customer relationship

According to Silverman, “It’s all about selling solutions, not selling products,” meaning it’s about using and building solutions and customer experiences. By knowing your consumer, you are able to build a relationship around their particular intent and the context of which the person is shopping. It becomes difficult when interacting with a digital interface; however, try to get clues so you have a better understanding of that context when they’re shopping with you. For example, if the customer is an influencer, try to track what they’re doing on social media and connect it to the store.

Stay present in the digital landscape

In order to maintain its brand through the various interactions that customers have, retailers should create meaningful content. Make sure you are showing up in Google searches and providing a “rich” lifestyle site. This includes videos, reviews, information about the products, and different ways of representing the physicality of a product online. When customers try to find you online, consistent content will drive eyes to your site.

To learn more about how to manage customer experiences and expectations in the future of commerce and other lessons from CXOTalk, listen to the full episode.

Corie McHugh
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