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3 Things Aon Can Teach CX Leaders About Boosting Their Sales IQ

Phil Britt
January 06, 2021

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In a recent virtual event hosted by Oracle, Aon, a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions, shared three ways the company improved its sales IQ and customer experience (CX). Read on to learn how.

Consolidated data improves analytics

Aon had grown over the years by making acquisitions, but that meant information on several different systems throughout the company. Such siloed data isn’t workable in today’s business environment, because it doesn’t provide a unified view of the client, said Teffani Zadeh, CIO, Growth Enablement & North America IT at Aon. “Data is the key. Poor data is what will stop most digital transformations from being successful.”

Aon assembled a team to consolidate the data into a unified view, critical in boosting the company’s sales IQ. The first step was to clean the data. If users lose trust in the data, then they won’t use it, Zadeh explained. The next step was to unify the data across solution lines and regions, then to provide more flexibility and power to end users to drill down into data to see opportunities for additional business with customers. Aon consolidated and secured data in the cloud, so that the company could perform accurate analytics across the entire relationship with each client, and found they were missing opportunities.

The takeaway: Without a comprehensive view of the client’s business relationship with a company, you may be missing opportunities to provide additional products and services.

Improved internal CX

Prior to adding new, integrated cloud analytics and database solutions, Aon’s client-facing colleagues had as many as 16 places to go to do their jobs, meaning they were losing time and opportunities. With comprehensive, integrated solutions, colleagues no longer have to click from place to place to find their data. It’s all on the home page of the colleague’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

“Now they can all go to a single place. It’s all about ease of use,” Zadeh said. Since they no longer have the frustration or the lost time of logging out of one system and into another, and another, and another, etc., colleagues can stay focused on their actual jobs, not on how to properly negotiate different CRM and other systems.

The takeaway: Eliminating friction for client-facing colleagues results in better, more productive experiences for them.

Better external CX

The consolidation of client information helped improve external CX. Previously, different Aon teams might contact the same client in the same week, without any knowledge of the other contacts, which may detract from the experience. Now all contact “instances” are consolidated in a single view, so marketers have all information in one place and can pull any client insights (e.g., Aon relationships) from a single location in order to refine marketing efforts.

With a single, comprehensive client view, Aon knows when a client has been contacted, what discussions have occurred, and the status.

The takeaway: With consolidated client information, marketers can make the right contacts at the right times with the right frequency.

Valuable takeaways

Companies, particularly larger ones, often have silos of data in different systems. The challenge is to clean and consolidate that data to gain insights for potential new opportunities with customers.

Providing employees with simplified ways to do their jobs can help them be more focused on revenue-building opportunities.

With a consolidated customer view, you can provide better CX by contacting the customer at the right time, with the right frequency, with the right offer(s).

See the full video of Aon executives sharing how they’re using CX Cloud, Analytics, and Oracle Autonomous Database here.

Phil Britt
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