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3 Summer Tech Trends That Take Your Eyes Off Screen

Ritika Puri
June 28, 2019

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This summer, give your eyes some rest from the glare of your computer and smartphone screens. Studies have shown that when humans venture out into nature:

With longer days, the time has never been better to step into new, off-screen habits and routines. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and tinker—some of the biggest summer tech trends will spark your creative imagination. Take a break from work, grab the family, and try out the following:

A new take on gardening

Ever thought about growing your own food? The benefits are endless. Researchers have found that growing your own food comes with the following benefits:

  • Increased physical activity
  • A more diverse diet
  • More Vitamin D, which is good for bones and teeth
  • Savings at the grocery store

If you’re interested in gardening, you can get started with growing seeds at your office desk—after they sprout, transport your budding plants to your yard. Tabletop indoor gardens, like the one below from Veritable, can grow up to 4 plants indoors.

Lots of new gardening tech is sprouting this year, allowing you to take advantage of new innovations while remaining mostly unplugged.

Outdoor cinema

Getting restless on your couch? Don’t feel like going to a crowded movie theater? Instead, organize a backyard get-together to watch your favorite movies. The Cinemood, for instance, is a 0.5 lb, 3-inch smart project that comes pre-loaded with Disney movies as well as integrations with Netflix and Amazon Prime. With this device, you can create the experience of a drive-in movie.

Imagine: you can project your movie on bedsheet, wall, tent, or ceiling. Close your eyes, enjoy the breeze, and fall asleep under the stars. Relax, unwind, and have fun on a week night—enjoy a warm summer breeze before you head to work the next day.

Portable solar panels

At some point in your outdoor adventures, you’re going to need to return to your screen. But that doesn’t mean that you should cut your time in the sun short. If you’re itching to disappear from your desk for a while to catch some sun, go for it. Constant connectivity means that you can work from anywhere, from any device. So why not put your gadgets in a backpack and head to the park?

If you’re worried you’ll run out of juice, use a solar backpack, with a large-capacity waterproof power bank, like the one of the five in the video below:

This year’s summer tech trends are about the moments in between the milestones we experience every day. Technological breakthroughs are impacting humanity on a daily basis. This summer, we can give our minds a break, work with our hands, enjoy food that we grow, and spend more time away from our desks guilt free—while still being productive.

Ritika Puri
Ritika Puri
Ritika Puri is a business writer who enjoys making complex topics digestible and fun. She regularly consults for companies in the marketing technology, IT, analytics, financial services, and healthcare space and enjoys leveraging this knowledge in her writing.
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