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3 Spooktacular Ways CX Technologies Are Enhancing Halloween Costumes and Decorations

Benjamin Hunting
October 09, 2018

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There’s an entire universe of customer experience technology that’s sprung up around the most chilling holiday of the year – Halloween.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your home with stand-out spookiness, put together a costume that’s both original and easy for a do-it-yourselfer, or if you are looking to create a high-tech fright-fest in the form of a modern haunted house, then don’t worry – there’s an app for that.

Check out these three ways you can enhance your Halloween with the latest goosebump-inducing technology.

3 Ways CX Technologies Are Changing Halloween Costumes and Decorations

Up your pumpkin game

There’s nothing wrong with the classic gap-toothed grin of a traditional jack-o-lantern design, but if you want to stand out while decorating your home for Halloween this year then why not take advantage of one of the many apps designed to take your pumpkin to the next level?

If you’ve always been a fan of paint-by-numbers, then try out the Washington Post Classic’s augmented reality carving app that projects a stencil on your gourd when you hold your phone in front of it, making it easy to trace a more complex-than-normal scary visage prior to carving.

If you’ve got a little one at home who is a bit too young to be trusted with anything as sharp as a carving knife, but who wants to feel included in the festivities, then she can digitally decorate her own pumpkin on an iPad with the ‘Carve-a-Pumpkin from Parents magazine‘ app. No scary blades, and no mess to clean up afterwards, either.

3 Ways CX Technologies Are Changing Halloween Costumes and Decorations

Spooky tech to haunt your home

Getting ready for a big party? There’s more than a few CX tech assists out there that can help you not just plan, but also execute a haunted house that is guaranteed to earn you both shrieks and compliments from your guests.

The Housecraft app provides you with an augmented reality view of your home where you can place decorations and move them around each room, letting you mock up your décor prior to heading down to the party store and loading up on skulls and tombstones.

Once that’s settled, it’s time to sprinkle in a few tech-focused scares to keep your friends on their toes. Adapting this magic mirror DIY to use tablets instead of televisions is a simple and easily-programmable hack, while GPS-tethering a drone in your yard to keep a terrifying ghost flying overhead is sure to raise some hackles.

3 Ways CX Technologies Are Changing Halloween Costumes and Decorations

See yourself in costumes before committing

Now that your pumpkin is ready, and you’re haunted house has been completely decked out, it’s time to decide what creature of the night you yourself will transform into this Halloween. What could be better than seeing yourself in costume and makeup before you’ve actually gone to the party store?

There’s a Halloween costume app that will let you do just that. In fact, there’s more than one. Vampify lets you try on various vampire faces so you can figure out your undead look, while Perfect365 provides goth and spooky filters that can do the same for a broader range of ghouls. Finally, the Halloween Makeup app provides you with all of the instructions you’ll need to get your ghostly look looking perfectly dreadful.

Choosing the right CX technology this Halloween will have you walking the line between being scared and being prepared for the candy-filled holiday.

Benjamin Hunting
Benjamin Hunting
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