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3 New Year’s Resolutions Made Easier with Tech and Apps

Erin Ollila
January 09, 2020

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A recent Ipsos survey on behalf of Urban Plates found that 38% of Americans are making New Year’s resolutions for 2020 — and many more will likely join in. Here’s a peek at how 3 of the top resolutions — finance, weight loss, and physical and mental health — can be assisted with tech and apps.

Manage finances

Will 2020 be the year to bring home the bacon? According to the Ipsos survey, 51% of Americans have goals that involve their finances.

Looking to be better with a budget? Apps like Mint and You Need a Budget (known as YNAB) help users see how they’re spending and determine ways to rein it in. Mint helps to see spending in real time; for an added bonus, users have access to free credit monitoring and credit score. YNAB differs as it’s a zero-based budgeting system, smart for users who want every dollar to be allocated toward spending or saving.

If investing is on your radar, consider apps like Acorns or Public to start saving for the future. Acorns allows users to invest automatically by rounding up their purchases to the next dollar and investing the change. Public, a free investing app that offers fractional trading, also has a social aspect built in so users can chat together about their investing ideas.

Get healthier

Living a healthy life usually tops the list of most people’s New Year’s resolutions, and that’s no different this year. The Ipsos survey found that 51% of respondents wanted to eat healthier, 50% wanted to be more active, and 42% were hoping to lose weight in the year ahead. Here’s a few ways to make that happen.

For tech, wearable devices and smart scales track everything from activity to exercise, weight, and sleep. If you’re buying multiple pieces, it may be adventageous to keep them within the same brand “family” so all devices talk to each other. For example, Fitbit’s Versa smart watch and Aria smart scale sync data with each other.

One aspect of healthy eating that is vitally important doesn’t have to do with food at all — it’s your water intake. If you’re looking to improve here, the HydraCoach is a smart water bottle that calculates an individual’s consumption goal, monitors actual daily water intake, and even includes a time tracker to help the end user pace themselves throughout the day.

Improve mental well-being

While improving physical health is important, 38% of Americans are also focusing on their mental well-being in the year ahead, according to the Ipsos survey.

Those with New Year’s resolutions to meditate more often or practice mindfulness may enjoy the Calm or Pause apps. Built for beginners and experts, both apps help users wind down, relax, and learn how to feel centered. Better yet, practicing mindfulness meditation can help a person get better sleep, according to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Need something more in-depth? Talkspace is an app that will pair you up with a licensed counselor in your state. No longer does a person need to find a counselor and trek across town for a weekly scheduled appointment. With online counseling, users can message their counselor at any time of the day using a computer, tablet, or phone, and video calls can be scheduled when users need more dedicated time with their counselor.

And finally, if you simply want a tracker to help you keep tabs on your progress, the new Momentum app helps users start and keep habits.

Erin Ollila
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