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3 New Ways CX Technologies Are Improving Fall Activities for 2019

Benjamin Hunting
September 20, 2019

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Autumn is in full swing, which means fall activities are back on the menu. How has customer experience (CX) technology evolved to play a larger role in making sure you have as much fun as possible under a canopy of foliage? Check out a few picks for the tech most likely to improve your September, October, and November this year.

Smart homes, smart vacations

The fall season often sees families heading back to nature for one last weekend outdoors. A favorite among fall activities is renting a cabin in the woods or on a lake — and anyone who’s had the opportunity to make this kind of reservation in the past few years has no doubt noticed how much the experience has changed.

Gone are the days of having to lift the flowerpot for the keys. Now it’s possible for the cabin’s owner to remotely unlock the door using a connected smart lock. Home automation technology also allows property managers to track how heating and lighting systems are used, pre-illuminate the home in anticipation of the renter’s arrival, and warm up the heating system or chill down with AC.

Just don’t get too rowdy, no matter how isolated you might think that cabin might be: to cut down on over-capacity parties, a number of rental owners are starting to install noise monitoring devices that can automatically send alerts should the brouhaha surpass a certain level of ribaldry.

Get in shape, get some fall air

Is there a more beautiful time to be in the forest than in autumn? While you’re out there enjoying the foliage, why not get in shape at the same time? Cross-country running is one of those fall activities where everything converges to create a wonderful experience: comfortable temperatures for physical activity, the beauty of the falling leaves, and less-crowded trails as the vacation crowd starts to thin out.

There are any number of apps out there that can help improve and track your cross-country running experience, but a few stand-outs are worth mentioning. The all-around functionality found in Strava — including a strong social element that shares your times and distances with your friends — makes it a perennial favorite. Map My Run is helpful if you live in an area where trails aren’t well-marked, and you want to remember that last sequence of hills and dips that were so thrilling to conquer. Finally, Footpath Route Planner lets you use your finger to draw out your run in advance and then keeps you on course by pulling from its database of trails and paths.

Tailgating tech

Football season has begun, which means fall activities like tailgate parties are likely a regular occurrence on your social calendar.

As with any outdoors event during a time of the year when conditions can be unpredictable, it’s useful to have technology on your side. Apps like Accuweather provide a helpful forecast for your area, but something like RadarScope lets you actively see rain approaching on a live radar feed, giving you up-to-the-minute warning before you end up soaking wet.

Don’t forget to look in to how tech can improve what ends up in your tailgating tummy, too. GrillTime is an app that helps you keep track of each individual burger, hotdog, and steak on the barbecue so that nothing ends up over-done, or too rare, providing you with precise cooking instructions. Pair that with the iGrill Mini, which can send remote updates about internal meat temperature to your phone as the coals glow or the gas flows.

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Benjamin Hunting
Benjamin Hunting
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