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3 Key Questions to Ask About Your Customer Experience Future

Erik Mathes
January 29, 2020

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Customer experience is constantly evolving as our understanding of best practices gains clarity and technologies improve. If your company is embracing the shift toward CX and looking forward to the future, here are a few crucial questions to continually ask as you navigate the “experience economy“.

Question 1: What are we doing to improve our CX?

Staying on top of cutting-edge customer experience platforms and practices is essential in this new commercial world. However, a recent Insights Report by Oracle surveying 1,500-plus professionals in over 20 countries across different industries and position levels found that today’s employees are finding it tough to keep up.

According to the report, while over 90% of respondents agree that customer experience is a primary focus for their company, 46% of marketers are “concerned they don’t have the CX they need for the future,” and just 56% of sales and 53% of customer service professionals are experimenting with new CX tech.

That begs the question: How will your CX improve as technology affords you more opportunities to know your customers’ every preference and move?

Questions 2: How are we measuring CX improvements?

Because CX is spread out across marketing, sales, customer service, and anyone who interacts with consumers at any point in the funnel, there’s no perfect way to measure it. Oracle’s previously cited report found that only 30% of sales VPs and Chief Sales Officers strongly agreed that they can effectively measure CX improvements, while a significantly higher 45% of marketers and 50% of service leaders claimed the same.

This rift in confidence illustrates the need for better alignment when it comes to the metrics that matter most to CX. While customer satisfaction surveys are a tried-and-true method for the service team to measure CX, sales and marketing teams may not be set up to measure their CX impact as easily.

There are numerous KPIs you can track for measuring CX, depending on your business model. That said, the best insights may come from sifting through detailed reviews from articulate customers. If you rely on net promoter score (NPS), beware of overutilization of these surveys, as the quality of feedback may suffer and provide an unclear picture of true consumer sentiment.

Question 3: Is our team aligned when it comes to CX?

The disconnect between the C-suite and employees below management-level was striking in Oracle’s Insights Report. While 97% of SVP and higher-level respondents “agreed or strongly agreed that they had access to the data they needed to take past interactions into account for customer experience,” just 69% of individual contributors felt the same.

One reason behind this discrepancy is automation, or namely a lack thereof. Individual contributors, such as CRM managers, deal with granular manual processes that are required to drive high-level CX when the right technologies aren’t in place, whereas the C-suite has the benefit of seeing the fruits of their employees’ labor compiled in digestible reports, without understanding how much work was involved.

Staying on top of CX trends and investing in strategic automation tools to ease the burden on employees is key to unlocking teams’ capabilities to focus on higher-level CX initiatives.

There’s always something new to be thinking about in the ever-changing world of CX, and by considering these 3 questions on a regular basis, you’ll serve to keep your customer experience engaging, impactful, and at the forefront of your industry.

Erik Mathes
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