Monday, August 03, 2020

3 Human Reactions to Your 2020 Customer Experience

Brian Pope
January 08, 2020

2 minute read

This is a preview of the ebook, “20 Cartoons that Perfectly Illustrate the Customer of 2020.”

As we enter the new decade, every corner of customer experience is awash in technology. Customers are engaging with brands through more devices and channels, and brands are seeing customers through more data and tools. But the human beings are still in there, struggling and sputtering through the tech, and brands that reach out on a human level will find that they now stand out. In fact, it may be even more valuable as technology’s presence grows.

At SmarterCX, we find cartoons are the ideal delivery mechanism for considering humanity. So here are 3 possible reactions to your customer experiences in 2020 and beyond.

I’m scared

Innovations in communication have the potential to bring us closer to people and brands we like, but they also have the potential to bring us closer to those we fear. Customers are becoming more wary of the ways technology can intrude, expose and enable bad actors. It’s even becoming an issue in our politics.

When considering that fun new idea you had for a way to reach out to your prospects and customers in 2020, remember that it might look much scarier on the other side.

It takes too long

Technology makes so many promises these days. It sells customers a vision of effortless and immediate existence, and customers have begun to expect it. Yet is that the real experience of technology in 2020? Are we really waiting less, or have those periods of waiting been reduced, but scattered across more experiences, making each second count even more?

How close can your experiences come to delivering satisfaction immediately? And when they don’t, how does the experience help compensate?

I’m busy

As our experiences move from controlled environments like a physical store to literally anywhere on the planet, the circumstances in which our customers engage with our brand can be less than ideal. It moves some of these experiences from being all-encompassing to potentially one of a number of activities that customer is engaged with at the time.

How can your experiences succeed in smaller moments that might be less than ideal?

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