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3 CX Takeaways from Oracle Cloud Day

Mia McPherson
December 20, 2017

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In 2017 and 2018, Oracle is hosting Oracle Cloud Day events in multiple cities across the globe. Thought leaders, subject matter experts, and Oracle execs highlight success stories and the latest in cloud technology including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and chatbots.

Last month, the SmarterCX team attended the Oracle Cloud Day event in Boston. Here are three CX-centric lessons we took away from the event.

Ashish Mohindroo - Oracle Cloud Day

Cloud technologies offer opportunity for a better customer experience

Ashish Mohindroo, Vice President, Cloud at Oracle, kicked off the event with his keynote, “A Platform and a Path to the Cloud”. Ashish highlighted the idea that the cloud provides opportunities to innovate – including creating better customer experiences – through new technologies like AI, blockchain, autonomous software, and IoT.

Ashish also emphasized that when compared to legacy data centers – which are siloed, not integrated, not fluid or flexible – a complete cloud solution is uniquely positioned to provide better insights into an organization’s customers.

As examples of cloud success stories, Ashish highlighted two Oracle Cloud customers, Pinterest and Bank of America. Pinterest served as an example of a company born in the cloud, and Bank of America an example of a hybrid cloud model.

William C. Taylor - Oracle Cloud Day

Playing it safe is the most dangerous choice of all

William C. Taylor, author of “Simply Brilliant” and Co-Founder of FastCompany, a Boston-born media organization, also presented a keynote at Oracle Cloud Day in Boston. Bill highlighted success stories and lessons learned throughout FastCompany’s 20 years of focusing on the technology industry.

One of FastCompany’s earliest articles, “50 Reasons Why We Cannot Change” by E.F. Borish, was a hot topic within Bill’s keynote. The article highlights 50 often-heard complaints, gripes, and reasons not to innovate including “It’s too risky” and “It didn’t work before” and “It won’t work here”. Although the article was written decades ago, is still relevant to organizations today that seek to innovate their business, their customer experience, or otherwise take a chance yet let the common organizational roadblocks stand in the way.

Bill asserted that the best leaders are insatiable learners, yet don’t let what they know get in the way of having new ideas and trying new things. As Bill puts it: “Playing it safe is the most dangerous choice of all.”

Bill Taylor 2 - Oracle Cloud Day

Commit to your customer

To support his message, Bill Taylor shared the story of USAA as an example of a leading innovator within the financial services industry. With a niche customer base of active and retired military and their families, Bill highlighted the idea that USAA’s commitment to its identity within the marketplace and laser-focus on the needs of its customers has led to a culture of innovation, pioneering initiatives including depositing checks via mobile phone and using drones to take photos of property damage for insurance claims.

Additionally, Bill explained how USAA has innovated its hiring and employee onboarding process in order to provide a superior customer experience – when IT professionals are hired, they go through a role-playing period to put themselves in the shoes of their customer. They eat MREs (meal, ready-to-eat), carry backpacks, wear vests, and even read letters from soldiers and their families containing information about daily financial concerns.


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