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3 Customer Service Lessons from Oracle CloudWorld

Mia McPherson
February 14, 2018

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Oracle is hosting its CloudWorld events across the globe in cities like Mexico City, Shanghai, New York, and Sydney, showcasing the latest in cloud technology to professionals in functions like finance, HR, marketing, and customer experience.

This week, the SmarterCX team attended Oracle CloudWorld in New York City. Here are three customer service lessons we learned at the event.

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Customer service is a differentiator

Alice Park, Product Marketing Manager at Oracle and Arvin Pleima, Director of Customer Service at Pella, delivered a session at CloudWorld entitled “Service as a Strategy”.

Alice highlighted the important theme of time as a precious commodity. The modern customer has seemingly countless options when it comes to products and services, so when a customer chooses to spend his or her time with a particular business, they expect their time to be well spent. And if it’s not — it’s on to the next option.

So while there are many obvious ways that a business can differentiate its products or services, including by price and through innovation, more attention is turning to customer experience and customer service as a differentiator.

Alice offered as an example of a brand notorious for its exceptional customer service through policies like easy returns and a company culture designed to keep both employees and customers always happy.

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Data drives exceptional customer service

As we all are aware, the modern customer reaches out to brands through a number of different channels, i.e.: through Instagram, Facebook Messenger, live chat, and phone, and they want their inquiries to be answered as humanly (or digitally) possible. This presents businesses with a unique opportunity both to collect customer data like feedback, inquiries, wish list items, etc., and to use the information gleaned to offer a personalized experience.

Without data, businesses can still service the customer, but not at the level of differentiation. And without a way to properly use and share the data across the organization, businesses miss out on a huge opportunity to provide exceptional customer service.

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Sharing (data) is caring

Arvin Pleima, Director of Customer Service at Pella, a manufacturer of windows and doors, shared the company’s experiences and challenges with customer service, namely when it comes to utilizing data. With dozens of service centers across the United States, Pella found that it wasn’t servicing its customers to its full potential, as customer data wasn’t efficiently shared between sales branches and customer service centers.

To solve this issue of siloed data, Pella implemented technology including Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Field Service Cloud to allow for effective sharing of data and a clearer, faster picture of the customer.

So while data may drive some of the most effective interactions, if it’s not effectively shared, it’s not working for your company or your customers.


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