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3 Customer Relationship Management Tips From a CX Book Report

Kyle Harper
May 02, 2018

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Adapted advice from Experience This! podcast with Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss.

In episode 21 of Experience This!, a customer experience podcast series, hosts and CX experts Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss share best practices for creating a solid CX strategy. In this episode, Joey and Dan dive into the insights and tactics of Blake Morgan’s book “More Is More,” talk about why you should make your work harder for your business rather than your customers, and explore a unique customer experience campaign from a small art-house cinema in New York.

From an excellent book report to a case study in artfully executed customer relationship management, here are three key takeaways from the episode that can help improve your own CX strategy.

Customer Relationship Management tip 1

Embrace responsibility and accountability

“Customer experience is shaped by so much more than what happens after the credit card is swiped,” Blake explained. She goes on to describe how CX is shaped by many of the support structures underneath your customer’s journey, including your technology, your staff, and whether you “embrace accountability and responsibility.”

Dan further elaborated on how this idea works because it forces your company to think from your customer’s perspective. “I love this idea of stepping into your customer’s shoes and really trying to understand how your company plays a role in their day-to-day lives.”

Customer relationship management tip 2

Emphasize the employee experience

Customer relationship management isn’t only affected by how a company treats its customers, but also by how those companies treat their employees, says Blake. It’s a simple idea built off of the understanding that your employees are the ones who carry much of the customer experience through to completion.

“If an individual isn’t happy at work, he’s probably not going to smile at the customer. We’re all human,” Joey said, elaborating on Blake’s point. “We all understand what it feels like to have a bad day, but when all the company’s employees appeared to be having bad days all the time, one has got to wonder, ‘What’s going on in the company?'”

Customer Relationship Management tip 3

Highlight community, not product

“Over the years, our creative and fun staff has organized holiday potlucks and cookoffs with prizes. We decided to collect some of our favorite recipes…as a thank you to our members and created a cookbook to share,” explained Denise Treco, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Jacob Burns Film Center. “We’re always looking for new ways to go the extra mile as a thank you for our supporters.”

“It is very personalized, and comes from the heart,” Dan commented, highlighting the personalized nature of the campaign and the way it engaged Jacob Burns Film Center customers as members of a community, rather than simply as ticket-buyers.

For more customer service tips and CX lessons from Episode 21 of Experience This, listen to the full episode.

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Kyle Harper
Kyle Harper
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