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10 Spectacular Streaming Innovations & Virtual Trends in 2020

SmarterCX Team
April 10, 2020

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Over 60% of Millennials and Gen Z consumers stream video daily, according to a 2018 Deloitte study. Some of the world’s most popular streaming services include Netflix, iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku, and Amazon Prime Video, and beyond these services, there’s plenty of video content at the fingertips of consumers. So, how are streaming services and digital content solutions staying ahead of the game and innovating in 2020?

We asked consumers to provide examples of streaming, virtual, and digital innovations they’ve seen in 2020, and here are 10 of them.

Strides with streaming

“Something I’ve noticed that has really changed the streaming game in 2020 is how Google now provides more streaming options within their search results when a searcher is looking to watch a movie online. This definitely provides the searcher with a much more useful result every time they search for streaming options online.

This has caused streaming aggregator websites to change their approach a bit – now it is no longer enough for us to aggregate streaming options, we have to provide more of a reason for searchers to click on our website vs just using the results provided by Google.”

Sam Williamson, Owner, StreamingMoviesRight

Time-efficient solution

“One newer technology that offers a very time-efficient solution for customers is Amazon Go. It blends advanced machine learning and AI into an app that tracks what you choose from your Amazon Go grocery store simply by picking up whichever items you want. You just pick up what you want, leave the store, and you are charged accordingly. This level of technology and how it improves the customer experience is truly amazing.”

Rupert Pople, Found, Your Smart Home Guide

Experiencing the cinema from home

“One of the best streaming innovations that I’ve seen so far has actually been the new trend of small and large theatre companies allowing you to stream their films online. While it may just seem convenient to the consumer, it also helps keep small, independent cinemas running as they can open their audience up to the entire globe.”

Brandon Wilkes, Digital Marketing Manager, The Big Phone Store

Virtual collaboration

“My company and I have been continuously impressed with Miro, the ‘online whiteboard for visual collaboration.’ As agile transformation consultants, we help organizations across the globe to learn and apply new ways of working. When we can’t be in person, we have found Miro to be an outstanding tool to replicate a physical Post-it Note brainstorming or story mapping session with our clients who represent Fortune 500 companies, governmental organizations, and startups.

Given that our team is distributed across six global offices and frequently on the road, we use Miro daily to create strategic plans, stay informed, and moving forward on our collaborative work. We are strong (unpaid) endorsers of Miro!”

Kayla Cartwright, Senior Consultant, ADAPTOVATE

Real-time communication

“One of the coolest trends in 2020 is brands that have reimagined their go to market strategies to engage through digital channels. Companies are expanding their usage of social media to become their primary communications channels. They’re being more open, more transparent and more direct, delivering real-time communication to their audiences.

Emerging category leaders are focusing more on episodic/in-home entertainment to increase engagement. Companies are finding new opportunities to connect with their customers through digital content.”

Kaitlyn DeSimone, PR Coordinator, Blast PR

Increased focus on omnichannel delivery

“It is very impressive that there’s been an increased focus on omnichannel delivery in the year 2020.

For instance, if a customer started their interaction with your brand on social media, this experience would continue as the customer moves onto your mobile app and website. And as the IoT-era will transform more objects into connected devices, customers will continue to expect the same experience, whether that is through connected cars, smart TVs, and appliances.”

Manny Hernandez, Founder/CEO, OMNI, INC

Media management software innovation

“The innovation that has impressed me the most in 2020 is @axle.ai: a media management software and project management software all in one product! @axle.ai is a great tool for anyone who shoots video, photos, or has a lot of stored files. It fits perfectly into nearly any team’s workflow and helps them make the most of their media.”

Brian MacMahon, CEO & Founder, ExpertDOJO

Stepping up the gaming industry

“Some of the best virtual innovations of 2020 that have impressed me are the creative and intellectual designs for the gaming industry which are satisfying avid video and computer game players. With emerging technology and AI, there is no question that the most popular gaming systems have been carefully crafted with skills and insight on current trends and world topics that can easily attract a large group of people and keep them entertained with what is being shared.

With business leaders keeping clear attention on CX desires, positive changes have been made to drastically change the gaming market and challenge developers to release a more elaborate virtual reality creation. With the use of visuals, audios, texture, and color, gaming companies have set a new standard and boosted the quality of their work with new techniques and tools.”

Matthew Lyons, Director of Content, Game Gavel

Video chat accessibility

“The ability to video stream with 3 to 8 or more people on a screen at the same time is a recent streaming innovation that has impressed me and that is being used more in 2020. Many video chat platforms including even social platforms such as Facebook Messenger have enabled this new functionality and it has revolutionized the streaming industry making video chat even more accessible for large groups of people.”

Stacy Caprio, CEO, her.ceo

Next level video conferencing

“One major improvement in streaming I see right now is the rise of remote event sites like Run The World and Hopin. These websites take video conferencing to the next level as they are able to conduct virtual events that can accommodate hundreds if not thousands of people online. They cover industry events, meetups, fundraisers, and even training allowing people to meet up, celebrate and do business. They offer affordable services as well as improved features that make virtual events fun.”

Anh Trinh, Managing Editor, GeekWithLaptop

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