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10 Questions to Shape Your Digital Commerce Game Plan in 2020

Kerby Meyers
December 27, 2019

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This is a preview of the ebook “The 2020 Guide to Digital Commerce.”

Given the relentless pace of change in marketplace trends and consumer whims, there’s a good chance your digital commerce strategy could use a refresh. Or at least a robust review.

To help sharpen your team’s thinking around the exercise, consider building the conversations around the following questions.

Question #1: How nimble are you online assets? If you can’t bob and weave to always be where your customers are seeking your products and services, you may need a more adaptable approach.

Question #2: How have you integrated mobile-oriented marketing efforts to catch customers’ eye on a device that consumes 3.5 hours of their day? Scan any collection of people at lunch, meandering down the sidewalk, or biding time at the airport. If you’ve downplayed mobile, such observations reflect how many customers and prospects you’re potentially cutting out of the mix.

Questions #3 and #4: How do you connect with your customers? How personalized are those touchpoints? Today’s savvy consumers have grown accustomed to being the center of marketers’ universe. Cut-and-paste touchpoints do not suffice, especially considering the electronic sea through which your recipients are constantly wading.

Question #5: How have your customer support efforts evolved? From pre-purchase inquiries through post-purchase resources, if your customer or prospect doesn’t feel the love, they will go elsewhere. And may not return.

Question #6: Are you optimizing the types of customer data you collect and how you use it? Frankly, data for the sake of data is a waste of time, money, and resources. Conversely, smart choices about what to collect and the best ways to utilize it can quickly boost efficiency and profitability.

Question #7: How robust are your data sources? The best data analysis is built on quality data sources. If you must dig deeper to pinpoint a marketplace need, headache, or target market, tap a vendor who can deliver the goods.

Question #8: How digital-friendly is your brick and mortar location? Yes, it’s true that a shopper in the housewares aisle may be digging up a better price on the four-piece table setting that’s a loss leader for you. But they could just as easily be double-checking the color, size, or quantity required back home. If your store doesn’t facilitate that exploration, you risk losing the sale.

Question #9: Where could cloud computing streamline your tech needs? At some point, every legacy system, no matter how cherished, passes its expiration point. If your IT infrastructure requires considerable support and work-arounds, a cloud-based refresh can improve efficiency while soothing stretched nerves.

Question #10: How will you reach and appeal to the customer of tomorrow? Customers often act on feelings, emotions, urges, and whims. To validate and enhance ties to customers, smart organizations utilize technology to combine human savvy with machine smarts, allowing those who are closest to the customer to endlessly innovate and track the shifting preferences of the marketplace.

To further gauge the present state of your company’s ecommerce, omnichannel, and brick and mortar efforts, check out “The 2020 Guide to Digital Commerce“.

Kerby Meyers
An independent consultant specializing in the development of relevant messaging and strategic content, Kerby Meyers helps ensure that his clients' communication efforts resonate with customers, prospects, employees and investors. He has been connecting corporations with key stakeholders for more than a dozen years, with an emphasis on companies in the financial services industry. by Oracle is the destination for professionals who are building the next generation of customer experience. Here, you can find breaking news, in-depth analyses, expert insights, and useful tools that will empower you to think and work progressively.