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10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

SmarterCX Team
February 20, 2019

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At NRF 2019, we asked retail leaders, “What are the top retail trends in 2019?” From extended reality and actionable artificial intelligence to autonomous checkout, hear about 10 of the hottest retail trends and technologies they see making a difference in shopping experiences this year.

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10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

Jamie Fleming, CEO and Co-Founder, Studio 216

“I think we’re going to see XR or spatial computing become more and more mainstream within lots of these retail enterprise clients. They can save money by more effective training or by saving costs and travel.

Say for example, designers from all over the States that need to come together in a centralized environment — we can do that all now virtually.”

10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

Cathy McCabe, CEO, Proximity Insight

“I think you’re seeing very much a stronger emergence around anything that touches store and physical retail, but really bringing those kinds of channels together. The important thing is to be able to take the data, the insights that come from AI, but make it very actionable.”

10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

Franklin Pacheco, Master Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle

“The amount of data that retailers are seeing today, in an omnichannel environment — it’s gigantic in comparison to what we had in the past. So, leveraging machine learning and science to understand consumer behavior, to understand mind patterns, is definitely going to give a competitive advantage to any retailer that is willing to jump into the science and machine learning world.”

10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

Ahmed Beshry, Co-Founder and CPO, Caper

“I think it’s the autonomous checkout trends that we’re seeing right now. Going into a store and being able to add items to your cart, checkout directly on your cart, and leave the store is something I think is kind of hot. So, I think that’s something that we’re going to see a lot of in 2019.”

10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

Danny Beltran, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle

“Mobile POS is providing all the rich product information right on a mobile device along with being able to understand and know your customer while you’re shopping with them.”

10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

Paul Archer, Founder and Managing Director, Duel

“Brands are starting to decentralize their whole marketing efforts. So, what used to be this kind of command and control, top-down, buy-my-stuff model has actually started to spread out and brands are looking to work with their existing customers and trying to figure out how they can get them to talk about them. They’re treating them like social nodes. They’re advocates who can spread the word into multiple different channels in all these different ways that brands never could do previously.”

10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

Rand Fernandes, Master Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle

“Not only is it the digital interaction with customers, but the journey they take to get there. It’s not just did I buy it online, but how many times did I go online? Where did I see the advertising? What social feeds did I see it on? It’s not just when the customer interacts with a brand, but it’s how they interact and what steps are taken before that purchase is made.”

10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

Alex Adelman, CEO and Co-Founder, Lolli

“A lot of retailers are really interested in Bitcoin, but they’re not quite sure how they want to get involved. And because Bitcoin is so new, a lot of people don’t have it and they haven’t invested in it. Once people have accumulated Bitcoin, then we’re going to start to see the network effects of what can happen when people start to spend Bitcoin. There’s been some really cool things at scale that Bitcoin can do.”

10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

Stacy Grega, Master Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle

“I want my whole house to be smart. So, if it’s voice recognition, using Alexa, and using all these devices to enable my shopping experience to be easier and better, I’m all for it.”

10 Hot Retail Trends in 2019

Rose Spicer, Senior Director, Retail Marketing, Oracle

“The exciting thing about 2019 is we’re seeing a ton of customers migrate and move to the cloud. I’ve had a lot of conversations with customers recently, and there’s a huge shift to the cloud.”

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