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10 Empowering Leadership Quotes by Women in Tech

Rose de Fremery
March 12, 2021

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Customer Experience (CX) leadership is more important than ever before. According to Zendesk’s Customer Experience Trends 2021 report, half of customers say that CX is more important to them now than a year ago.

To inspire you to innovate your CX even further, and in honor of Women’s History Month, here are 10 leadership quotes by women in tech.

Lead with strategy

“I used to spend my time more on process than strategy. Now, I prioritize my time around strategy, people, and process.”

– Stacy Brown-Philpot, founding member, SB Opportunity Fund, in an interview with Forbes

Keep the big picture front and center

“What your CEO cares about is the big picture. As an enterprise, are we earning and keeping more valued customers than we’re losing? You need to show this math to build buy-in for CX.”

– Jeanne Bliss, founder and president, Customer Bliss, in a post on her site Customer Bliss

Create connections through vulnerability

“Key to emotional intelligence is when you make a mistake, admitting you made one. It’s those human things that people really connect with, and understanding the emotions that drive such moments can be extremely insightful. I think it’s super important, although a challenge when personalization is so important in today’s world.”

– Penny Wilson, CMO, fractional executive, board member, and corporate adviser, in an interview with Forbes

Embrace discomfort if you want to grow

“You have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, or you won’t grow. I often ask people, ‘When do you feel you grew the most during your career?’ They typically mention a time when they took a risk. Growth and comfort never coexist. If you’re not nervous about something, it means you’re not learning.”

– Ginni Rometty, co-chairman, OneTen, in an interview with Harvard Business Review

Get curious about creative blocks

“Embrace your creative blocks. Self-care is incredibly important from both a physical and mental standpoint. A creative block is nature’s way of calling in a moment of self-reflection. In order to improve, you need to stop between sessions and think about those steps.”

– Susan Lin, product designer, Treehouse, in an interview with HelloFlo

Infuse your organization with CX skills

“As a leader, you have to embed the CX skill sets into the whole organization, not just your department.”

– Michelle Musgrove, vice president of CX, WGL, in an interview on the Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show

Inclusion is essential to your success

“Who’s at the table impacts which questions you end up asking and how you approach them, and who you look out for in making sure that people don’t get harmed.”

– Rediet Abebe, co-founder, Black in AI, in a profile in Elle

Mentorship doesn’t have to look a certain way

“You’re never too young or too old to be a mentor.”

– Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO, Girls Who Code, in an interview with Entrepreneur

Keep healthy work boundaries

“I’ve learned over the years (thanks to having kids and understanding that I just can’t waste time) to be highly productive while I’m actually working and to do my best to tune off when I’m not.”

– Talia Wolf, founder and chief optimizer, GetUplift, in an interview with Balance the Grind

Identify your “why”

“Why are we doing what we’re doing, especially now? Being head of marketing isn’t who I am at my core, so what’s my why? I came to the realization that my why is because I want to change the places that I’m at and the industry I’m in because there aren’t a lot of us out there. Just seeing other people who look like you makes you feel like it’s possible.”

– Sofia Hernandez, head of business marketing for North America, TikTok, in an interview with Shondaland

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