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10 Emerging Technology Statistics for 2020

Mia McPherson
March 17, 2020

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When it comes to delivering customer-centric, personalized experiences, more and more customer experience practitioners are turning to technology solutions. Recent emerging technology statistics are providing insight into the adoption rates and effectiveness of trending channels and tech like AI, IoT, and chatbots.

According to a Gartner report, How to Leverage the Top 5 CX Trends in 2020, “It will be impossible to deliver a personalized customer experience without understanding how customers use and experience the different channels.”

Investing in and measuring channel engagement is just what many brands are doing — according to an Oracle and ESG research report, The Impact of Emerging Technology on CX Excellence, “two-thirds of organizations today use at least one emerging technology for CX in production today and more than two-fifths use multiple technologies.”

To learn more about what emerging tech solutions CX practitioners are adopting, and their reported performance, here are 10 stats derived from the Oracle report, which surveyed 465 CX executives.

90% of individuals agreed that if their organization does not improve its CX capabilities, it will lose business to more customer-centric competitors

86% of CX leaders agree that 5 years from now, their company will leverage AI and machine learning to customize every product, service, or offer

84% of CX pros agree that virtual reality experiences will become more important than physical experiences in five years

82% of firms agree that if they do not add voice interaction capabilities to their products, they will lose market share to competitors that do

66% of companies use at least one emerging technology for CX purposes

64% of companies are currently using or piloting intelligent voice assistants/automated chatbots

61% of firms using virtual/augmented reality technology have increased customer satisfaction metrics as a result

55% of organizations that believe CX is their sole or primary source of differentiation use multiple emerging technologies

51% of firms using IoT report it has resulted in better insight into their customers’ needs preferences, and behaviors

45% of firms using artificial intelligence for CX have increased their ASPs or total spend per customer

For more insight into how customer experience leaders are leveraging emerging technology, view the full report: The Impact of Emerging Technology on CX Excellence.

Mia McPherson
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